Welcome to Moving tools

Grafkor is proud to announce the creation MovingTools!

Tools is the easiest way to complete your in-home inventory, whether its for an upcoming move or simply to take stock of what you own for insurance purposes.
Although originally conceived for movers,
MovingTools now has something for everyone, consumers and professionals alike.

For professionals:

Our software facilitates the time and energy spent while conducting a move survey.
MovingTools simply streamlines the move estimate process in order for sales representatives to complete the sale in one visit.  A move calculator if you will - all you need to do is enter in your details and the application does the rest.  As an added bonus, MovingTools creates an electronic inventory with photo integration (Canadian and US Descriptive Inventories and Insurance form for cross border & international shipments) as well as a room by room inventory.  Drivers are now able to complete their inventories on an electronic tablet, keeping them clear and concise and although printing will always be an option, drivers may opt to send the inventories electronically thus eliminating the need for paper, not only saving your company money, but saving the planet at the same time!

For consumers:

We should all take stock of what we own and
MovingTools is the easiest way to complete your in-home inventory.  Simply walk through your house while adding items by the click of a button. MovingTools automatically creates an electronic inventory with photo integration that can be stored on our secure server or e-mailed to your own account.  Heaven forbid that anything should ever happen to your home, but in the event of a disaster, it's always better to be prepared, and MovingTools’ insurance form will help facilitate the process should you have to file a claim.
Moving?  No problem, simply e-mail us your summary and await your estimate!

MovingTools - We take your worries away so you can focus on the finer things in life.